Seminars are the most comprehensive programs offered. They are designed based on your company’s core values and plan of change. Seminars can be customized for targeted roles. They can be on-line or on-site.

The Wise Project Manager sample curriculum

  • Project Happiness Scorecard – Green/Yellow/Red
    • - Measuring stakeholders’ happiness. Reflect their emotions and gut feelings
  • Seeing Order in the midst of chaos
    • - Too much control vs. permissible chaos
    • - Letting things be without exerting control enhance creativity
  • Establish Mindful Project Habits
    • - Mornings: 5 minute stand up meditation
    • - Take 3 deep breaths, before responding
    • - Investigate with kindness
  • Risk Management and Digging Out Techniques
    • - Knowing when you are digging IN vs digging OUT
  • Connect the Moving Dots
    • - Consider people intelligent – no WBS in communication
  • Promote Spaciousness rather than Pigeon Holing
    • - Flex the Flexibility Matrix.
    • - Plant seeds of goodness